Troyka’s Vision

Focusing on a low-pressure learning environment for developing fundamental basketball skills and also featuring competitive programs for advanced players. Basketball Club Troyka is a vibrant community built around sports activities striving to develop healthy and confident youth with strong leadership and cooperation skills.

Troyka’s Mission

Troyka is a welcoming community that nourishes the healthiest children and youth and through all its programs and activities promotes the core values of Health, Respect, Honesty, Caring and Responsibility.

Troyka’s players are actively engaged in their schools and communities as selfless volunteers and are recognized by the court for their mastery of fundamental basketball skills. The club readies players in their mid to late teens to play competitively for their high school teams.

Troyka will only recruit coaches who are dedicated to delivering the highest level basketball programs. Troyka’s players and coaches will be recognized on courts, in gyms, and at games for their fair play, respect for others, and commitment to the game.

Troyka’s parents are crucial in making the club a vibrant and positive community. They do that by volunteering and actively participating in club’s sports and social activities, by supporting Troyka’s coaches and other club officials and by being committed to their children. At all games, the parents embody the spirit of a fair and fun competition.