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Organisation | Trojka Basketball | Basketball Club Troyka

Basketball Club Troyka is organized as a none for profit organization and as such, it is run and managed by its Board of Directors. Besides Board of Directors BC Troyka also has committees which are responsible for day to day operation in different areas of our activities.

The followings are BC Troyka structure.
Board of Directors

President: Milijana Bužanin
Chairman: Miroslav Pejić
Treasurer: Dragan Matijević

Member: Veselin Bjelaković
Member: Miodrag Šilobad
Member: Petar Kefer
Member: Jovan Bulatović
Member: Veselin Bjelaković

Financials Committee

Financial Committee main responsibility is to ensure BC Troyka financials are managed professionally, on time, accurately and with full transparency.

Chair: Dragan Matijević
Member: Miroslav Pejić
Member: Maja Vučurović

House League Committee

House League Committee main responsibility is to ensure that house league program is executed in a quality way throughout all age groups within BC Troyka.

Chair: Veselin Bjelaković
Member: Petar Pučnin
Member: Dragan Matijević

Rep Teams & Coaching Committee

Rep Teams & Coaching Committee main responsibility is to ensure that Rep teams and coaching programs are executed in a quality way.

Chair: Miodrag Šilobad
Member: Jovan Bulatović
Member: Zoran Piljević

Safety & Regulations Committee

Safety & Regulations Committee main responsibility is to ensure that all BC Troyka programs are executed in safe, professional and respectful ways.

Chair: Petar Kefer
Member: Milijana Bužanin
Member: Ana Pučnin
Member: Veselin Bjelaković

Community Committee

Community Committee main responsibility is to organize and execute various activities to support the building of great friendships between our children parents, volunteers and our wide community.

Chair: Ana Pučnin
Member: Sanja Radović
Member: Neda Galin
Member: Dragan Veljko

Marketing Committee

Marketing Committee main responsibility is to present BC Troyka programs and activities in a unique way to all of our members and community.

Chair: Nebojša Jovanović
Member: Gordana Stajić

Facilities Committee

Facilities Committee main responsibility is to secure gyms and other facilities need to BC Troyka programs.

Chair: Miodrag Šilobad
Member: Member:

Supplies Committee

Supplies Committee main responsibility is to ensure that all sports equipment and supplies required for BC Troyka programs are provided on time.

Chair: Miroslav Pejić
Member: Ana Pučnin