These are photos from the visit of Bato Djordjevic one of the most significant contributors to the development of basketball game in Serbia.

Few notes about Bato:

Bratislav “Bata” Đorđević (Serbian CyrillicБратислав Ђорђевић; born October 23, 1938) is Serbian former professional basketball coach and player. He was a head coach of Crvena zvezda during the 1970s. He is the father of Aleksandar Đorđević, also a professional basketball coach and former player.

Đorđević began his coaching career in Radnički. But the most important success he has achieved with the Crvena zvezda. Besides the Crvena zvezda, Đorđević trained a large number of clubs and two national tems. The most important clubs that he trained are: Radnički, Branik MariborIMT BelgradeLimoges CSP. He also coached the national teams of Iran and United Arab Emirates.

Đorđević founded the first basketball camps in Yugoslavia, in Zlatibor (1975) and Bor (1976).