2004 – 2007


Boys of all basketball skill levels, born 2004-2007 are most welcome! New player sign-up is open throughout the entire year.


House league 2004-2007 for boys will start on November 6th, 2021.


Every Saturday from 2:40-4:10 and from 4:10-4:30.
George S. Henry Academy
200 Graydon Hall Drive, Toronto, Ontario

  • Petar Pučnin
  • Darko Stanković
House League Manager:
  • Belma Popović
Team News- Season 2017/18
March 1, 2018

Results for the games that we had in January – March time period:

December 7th, 2017

Dear Trojka team,

These are results for the last three games of this season and for the house league standing.

All the best!!
Team News – Season 2015/16
Photo of our rep. team
Raptors (Coach: Paul Dragicević)

Thunder (Coach: Jovan Bulatović)

Warriors (Coach: Milica Pejić)

Spurs (Coach: Saša Mladjen)

Cavaliers (Coach: Snežana Čubrilo)

Clippers (Coach: Dragan Popović)

  • Darko Stanković
  • Petar Pučnin
  • Veselin Bjelaković
League Manager: Belma Popović
Head Coach: Jovan Bulatović
Head Coach: Petar Pučnin
Assistant Coach: Darko Stanković
Assistant Coach: Snežana Čubrilo
Assistant Coach: Milica Pejić